About Us

Dan Jordan Publishing Ltd – we are a family business – a husband and wife team based in Caterham on the Hill, and have been publishing community Magazines for 14 years.

We attend many local events and photograph inclusion as features in the magazines. We attempt to engage with local bodies such as Parish Councils, Horticultural Societies, Women’s Institutes etc, and other local groups to maintain a strong local dialogue reflected in the magazines, with particular local topicality to each postcode.

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Local advertising delivered through every door

Delivering a copy through every letterbox, every month, is the only way to guarantee maximum exposure for your advert.

Expecting readers to pick up copies from shops – doesn’t work and provide responses.

Publishing every other month - doesn’t work and provide responses.

Selecting certain roads or houses to deliver to – doesn’t work and provide responses.

Printing a percentage of copies for an area - doesn’t work and provide responses.