Dan Jordan Publishing Ltd

For Advertisers the magazine offers a low cost, extremely cost effective way to promote their business to their customers, and potential new customers and clients. Because of the free to door delivery to every address in the postcode area responses can be directly monitored to ensure that advertising budgets are effective.

For Readers the magazine offers regular monthly features – Motoring with Steve Hole, Gardening, Antiques with Catherine Southon, Competitions, Holistic Well-being, Recipes and Local Events and News Roundup.

For the Community the magazine offers a free platform (space permitting) for charities and “not for profit” organisations plus coverage of local events and occasions. If the advert requires guaranteed insertion and the organisation is “not for profit” or a registered charity then we offer a 50% discount off rate card


All magazines are delivered, free of charge, each month to all addresses in the postcode area, by Royal Mail Door to Door. We aim to ensure that every household, and business address receives a copy of the magazine, directly through their letterbox, each month. This means that each month, in total we print and deliver 51,000+ magazines across five titles and matching postcodes. The print run is dictated by the Royal Mail address numbers.



We have continued to publish and deliver to every address during the Covid 19 crisis. We have achieved this by using the Royal Mail and observing all lockdown protocols. We are the only local media outlet to have continued delivering business messages and useful, public interest, reader information and features.